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Two months before your move

1. Start preparing how your furniture will be arranged in your new home.

2. Inventory all of your belongings as it is useful in preparing a garage or moving sale.

3. File the paperwork regarding the move in one place.

4. Transfer all school records for your children.

5. Make your final decision on a mover unless you plan to do-it-yourself-move.

6. If time permits, prepare your new home for arrival. (New paint, new locks, etc.)


 Create a timeline of tasks to do in preparation for the move.

• Sort through all of your belongings room-by-room, discarding, giving away or selling anything you won’t be taking with you.

• Call the charity to pick up items you will be donating.

• Hold a garage/yard sale, or place ads for items you’ll be selling or giving away on sites such as craigslist.

• If you’ll be performing the move yourself, make reservations for a truck, dollies, purchase boxes, tape and protective wrapping.


One month before your move

1. Change your address with both the post office and the IRS.

2. Make any travel arrangements where you will require an airline, train, hotel, bus or car rental.

3. Look into the area that you are moving into for clubs, gyms, civic organizations and churches.

4. Connect with medical and dental offices to receive records and ask for referrals and continuing prescriptions.

5. Create a new checking account if necessary.

6. Look into local laws about home-based businesses and business licenses if you own or conduct your own business.

7. Make an inventory list of all of your belongings.

8. If you have any pets, arrange for them to be transported. 9. Use up or finish and discard household items so that there is less to pack and move.


• Start using up perishable food since they do not travel well.

• Confirm the details with your mover.

• Pack contents that you don’t use all the time, and visibly label each box. Number each box and maintain a separate written inventory of the items of each one.

• Arrange for your children’s school records to be transferred to the new district.

• Ask your veterinarian to forward your pet’s records to your new veterinarian or ask for copies to take with you.

• Call your current utility companies to have the services shut off the day after you move. Don’t forget the cable company, newspaper delivery, gardener, pool person and home security company.

• Call the utility companies at your new destination to have utilities turned on the day before you arrive.


Two weeks before your move

1. Get ahold of all of your utilities and replace your service to your new address.

2. Plan for those helping you on the day of the move.

3. Double-check all travel reservations that you have arranged.

4. If moving appliances, inspect them before the move.

5. Pack all clean clothing.

6. Manage important documents and valuables close at hand during the move.

7. Put together the move of any infants or small children.

8. Check with your insurance policy for coverage during your move.

9. Distribute your travel information with your relatives.


• Defrost your freezer and refrigerator.

• Forward your subscriptions such as newspapers and magazines to your new address.

• Buy a box with a lock in which to maintain your valuables, such as jewelry, prescription medications and the contents of your bank safety deposit box, during the move. Have this box with you at all times – do not permit the movers to pack it.

• Notify your bank, employer, insurance company and any others who are necessary to know of your new address.

• Prepare your pet is for travelling. Will it need a crate? Gather up a leash, collar and food and water dishes if traveling by car.

• Start packing the items you won’t need until you reach your new home.




Moving day has arrived!

1. Perform a final walk through of the home to ensure all of your belongings have been removed.

2. Make sure to bring with you all personal items that are valuable or important to you during the move.

3. If necessary, buy travelers checks instead of cash during the move.

4. Ascertain that the movers are the ones you contracted to hire and that they have the correct address for delivery. Verify delivery time.

5. If you are driving, give a friend or family member a copy of your itinerary.

6. Arrive at the destination before the movers.







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