What is a Pre-Approval?

  A pre-approval is a letter written on an individual's behalf by a lender or broker. The letter explains that upon reviewing an individual's finances, they are inclined to loan a specifiic amount to that individual to purchase a home.


When should I get pre-approved?

It is a favorable idea to get pre-approved for a loan when first starting to shop for a home.


Pre-approval displays to an individual which homes are affordable. It helps one submit an offer quicker. Bank-owned property (REO) require pre-approval in order to submit an offer.

How to Get Pre-Approved

Gather documentation proving financial readiness for a loan. Learn about different mortgage options. Locate a lender or broker. Working with a lender, examine home buying and financial goals. Fill out a loan application. Obtain the pre-approval letter from your lender.


Pre-Approval Documentation

List of documents and information you'll need:

Work History : W2 forms, Pay stubs, Personal tax returns

Credit Rating and History : Credit Report

Total Debt : Names, balances, and account numbers for all: Student loans, Credit cards, Car loans, Store lines of credit, Other debt with recurring monthly payments

Down Payment : Two month's bank statements for savings and checking accounts

Investements and Other Assets : Two months of statements for bonds, stocks, or other investement accounts. Retirement account statements - 401(k), IRA

Residence History for Previous Two Years :

For current homeowners -- Your lender will investigate if you are current on your mortgage, if there are no problems with the current home to interfere with the purchase of a new home, confirmation of the home's value, and plans for selling or leasing the property.

For renters -- Residence history for the past two years which includes addresses, dates of move-in and move-out, rent amounts, and landlord contact information. The lender may communicate with landlords to validate the history of consistent and prompt payment of rent.

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